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Glazing at Arlington Court

7 September 2012

roof glazing at arlington court

Glazing at Arlington Court

jack rafters joining valley rafter

Jack rafters joining the valley

Now comes the delicate task of installing the roof glass - and some really nice photos at last! You can see the scaffold boards in the picture – essential for glazing such a large structure. You can also begin to get more of a sense of scale. With continued good weather we should see all the glass in place in no time.

It is immensely satisfying to see how all the components come together. I never tire of seeing these structures spring into reality. It has not been assembled until it arrived on site. It has evolved from a 2D CAD drawing, to a 3D computer model, through manufacturing machine code, to a sophisticated CNC machine. Finally to what you see here.

The photo on the right shows all the ‘jack rafters’ joining one of the valleys. This elegant solution to a glazed valley was pioneered by David Salisbury and has now been used successfully for 25 years. I am looking forward to seeing the finished article in its true context with plants installed and from the garden without the hoarding as a detraction.

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