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New Window Tooling Ordered

15 August 2015

It is nearly ten years since we installed our big window line. It was significant investment for us at the time, but has certainly proved its worth over the years with thousands of window and doors produced.

We were probably the first company to introduce a flush closing casement window with modern multi point locking and that core product has seen us through the ups and downs of the market place over all that time.

In the intervening years we have brought a superb VS (sliding sash) window to the marketplace which we believe is the best volume produced VS made in the UK. 

However the time has now come to introduce an update to our window system and a whole new set of tooling is being ordered this week to do just that. This will be a £40k investment, and I hope it will give the window line at least another five years of life. There are two major upgrades: first is the ability to offer a triple glazed window, and the second is to introduce friction stay hinges to the flush window range.

It is planned to install the new tooling over the Christmas break and before there is a lot of programming work to do to integrate the new sections into our automated software system. Door production will move onto our twin channel CNC router allowing big increase in window capacity. This is in line with our plans to for a big increase in window sales over the next two years.

There will be more news on this topic as developments occur.

Posted under 'Company' by David on 15 August 2015

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