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Chelsea II Garden Room Opening

27 April 2017

The new David Salisbury Garden Room at The Chelsea Gardener is now open to the public. Frantic efforts by Grants blinds to complete their installation were still ongoing minutes before the deadline, but everything was squared away in the nick of time and an enjoyable evening was had by all.

crowds gathering

New Sign Shows the Way

crowds gather round the new building

The Garden Room

It was difficult to get good pictures of the whole building with so many people milling about. You can see that people were enjoying themselves

serving drinks in the garden room

Serving Drinks to the Guests

looking towards the infinity corner

Enjoying the Evening

From Inside you can see the wonderful light space created by the expanses of glass and the hight ceiling. Everyone was impressed and many remarked that that the building looks better that they could have imagined.

inside looking out

Spot the Infinity Corner

playing with reflections

Playing with Reflections

On the right you can see my reflection as I'm taking the picture. The plant is inside the Garden Room, the metal table is outside and the wooded table inside. It is a fantastic space and is set off here by the low evening sun.

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