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You will find articles on some of our projects as well as news about the company. There are also some random musings from David.

Planning new Orangery and Conservatory photo shoots

The perfect opportunity for organising photo shoots

This is one of our favourite times of year, as with the weather improving, it is the perfect opportunity for organising photo shoots with recently completed conservatories, orangeries and garden rooms.
Sifting through photographs of potential projects is not only satisfying to see how our own work has taken shape but, more importantly, we like to see the positive impact it has made on our customers’ lives.

Posted under 'Company' byBarney on Friday, 23 June, 2017

Chelsea II Garden Room Opening

new modern garden room

The new David Salisbury Garden Room at The Chelsea Gardener is now open to the public. Frantic efforts by Grants Blinds to complete their installation were still ongoing minutes before the deadline, but everything was squared away in the nick of time and an enjoyable evening was had by all.

Posted under 'Company' byDavid on Thursday, 27 April, 2017

Infinity Corner Installed

infinity corner

Opening Events 4pm-8pm 25th & 26th April 2017
The new David Salisbury modern garden room at The Chelsea Gardener is very nearly finished. It needs to be as the opening event is in two days time.
The final major piece in the jigsaw is the amazing infinity glass corner supplied by Cantifix. It is a unique way of bonding glass in a double glazed unit on a right angled (or any angled) corner without any unsightly spacer bars.

Posted under 'Company' byDavid on Sunday, 23 April, 2017

New Show Building at Chelsea

thumbnail of garden room

The construction of the new David Salisbury garden room, our second show building at The Chelsea Gardener, is now well under way and is due to be completed around the end of April 2017.
With its clean lines and generous expanses of glass, this stylish modern garden room has been designed and built to the exacting standards associated with the whole range of David Salisbury glazed buildings.

Posted under 'Company' byDavid on Saturday, 4 March, 2017

Chanel Photographs

Chanel Howard Self Portrait

Chanel Howard spent a short time at David Salisbury during her gap year between school and college. Since then she has spent time in Romania as a volunteer for a charity.
She is now at Manchester City College studying for a diploma in art and photography. I thought it would be nice to exhibit some of her pictures here.

Posted under 'Comment' byDavid on Wednesday, 4 January, 2017