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Domed Orangery Update

9 July 2013

It is a few months since I reported on this project which is very nearly complete. It features three domed roofs and full height sliding sash windows. The client has also had a huge amount of internal work done on this property in addition to our contribution, and you will see from the picture some of the attention to detail that has been lavished on this project.

domed orangery with terrace and view

Domed orangery with terrace and view

domed orangery interior view

Domed orangery interior view

There has been meticulous attention to proportion and alignment and the centre of the dome is on a line that runs front to back right through the building. The pattern in the mosaic floor is as you would expect aligns with the features of both the orangery extension and the host property.

It is difficult to get an overall view of the extension in context, but I hope we will be permitted to take some more pictures once the whole scheme is finally completed. This orangery incorporates the largest sliding sash windows we have made, intricate capital blocks to the pilasters (not shown) and of course the three double-glazed domes. The curved glass required for the domes is very expensive, but the joinery work relatively straightforward when you know how!

domed orangery view across the lake

View across the lake

domed orangery side view with terrace

Side view with terrace

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