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The Beauty of Light

18 June 2015

Its that time of year again. A chance to get out and see some of our creations in their best light. My daughter Melanie is out and about again and these are first two shoots of the season.

traditional orangery with sliding sash windows - inside

Orangery with sliding sash windows

traditional orangery with sliding sash windows & glazed porch

Traditional sliding sash windows

The orangery above is a traditional design with larger solid walled areas broken up by large vertical sliding (VS) windows. Along side is a smaller structure with a glazed gable providing a link to another part of the house.

sunlight in May

Sunlight in May

pastel colour on timber orangery

A modest size but a huge diference

This orangery (shown above and below) shows how you can create that relaxed country cottage feel on the back of a modern house. The interior shots show how the open plan kitchen flows into the sitting room.

Posted under 'Photography' by David on 18 June 2015

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