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A Room with a View

5 July 2014

One of the joys of a glazed extension is the view. It might be for better all year round appreciation of your garden or as in this case, a view across the valley, and there is a particularly stunning view from this fabulous rustic oak extension. Oak buildings are one of our biggest growth areas, sold through our wholly owned subsidiary “County Oak”.

This client keeps peacocks which appear to have a free run of the grounds. Have a look at this beautiful creature admiring the view for himself, or it may be the peahen you can see just below that has his attention. I am grateful to this client and the many others who are happy for us to take and use pictures of the buildings we have created for them. We are making a concentrated effort over the next six to eight weeks to complete this season’s photography so that we can refresh our advertising and brochure for next year.

oak extension with views

View Over The Valley

room with peacock

Magnificent Peacock

Posted under 'Photography' by David on 5 July 2014

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