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New Photography

14 August 2014

We are now into the prime season for photo-shoots with colour in many gardens, lush vegetation and a good chance of some beautiful light. I am hoping we will get about a dozen new site photographed in the next month or so to give us some fresh pictures for our web site. and for the next advertising campaign.

There is a lively debate about whether it is better to use a small number of pictures that become associated with the David Salisbury Brand, or to constantly refresh with new photography.

Inside the company there is always pressure for new pictures as we see the older shots everyday. Many of our staff are permanently based at the factory and don’t get many opportunities to see the results of their work on site. So even if repetition is good for marketing, everyone gets a lift when they see a new image.


Posted under 'Photography' by David on 14 August 2014

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