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25 April 2012

We recently carried out a survey of our past customers by sending out a questionnaire both online and by letter. To encourage people to take part we organised a draw for a case of champagne and everyone who replied was entered. This was no ordinary case of champagne but a hand picked assortment. Our production director is French and a champagne lover. When he went to France over the Easter break, he selected the bottles from among his favourites

The lucky winners were Mr & Mrs Moy from Oxfordshire pictured above with one of the bottles. They had a garden room from us which was completed in April last year and they are delighted with the result. As for the survey it showed that 99.2% of our customers who responded thought the finished product was either Good, Very Good or Excellent.

As you can imagine with a building project the process does not always run smoothly and not every customer is happy every step of the way, even so, our survey showed 94.7% rated the overall experience into one of these categories. We are delighted with this result as the industry as a whole does not have the best of reputations.

owners with champagne in their garden room


Posted under 'Competitions' by David on 25 April 2012

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