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Record Conservatory Sales

9 May 2012

This is great news for the company and will set us fair for the rest of the year. April sales were the second best ever and the best since the 2008 banking collapse.

The pattern of sales in the conservatory business is largely predictable, at least the pattern of enquiries is; January is always the best month. I think that after Christmas people must ask themselves “What can I do with the house this year?” It’s a bit like “Where shall we go on our holiday this year?” Anyway for whatever reason January is the peak month for inquiries. After that it falls steadily during the year with December being the slowest month.

January is therefore all important and we knew that this January had been better than any previous January (bar none) for new enquiries. In normal times we would have been confident that this would be a bumper year. However since the recession (and now a double dip!) we, like all businesses, don’t trust the old patterns and only believe things are going well when the order is actually in our hand.

We needn’t have worried. Record enquiries indeed seem to be turning into record orders despite the double dip. Are we returning to a more predictable world?

Posted under 'Company' by David on 9 May 2012

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