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Our Brochure Through the Years

4 March 2015

As with our products and inline with the company ethos, we are always striving for improvement. 2015 saw the launch of our new brochure, hot off the desk from our Marketing department we began sending these out in January. 

The new brochure was definitely an upgrade from its predecessor. The new cover was designed to match our new branding elements which appear on our website and advertising (the stripe with the bump encasing the David Salisbury script and the gold S stamp). The cover has a luxurious velvet feel which is a soft touch, or "velvet", lamination. The inside pages were an upgrade from uncoated paper to a soft silk sheen thicker paper. This new finish enhances the vibrancy of our photography and definitely gives the brochure a bright new look.

The fundamental design hasn't changed dramatically from the 2012 brochure, but several pages have been reorganised, and eight new spreads added the addition of our new photo shoots from last year and the typography inside was made consistent throughout. 

We laid the last four brochures out to compare and we are all in agreement that this year's brochure is definitely the best.

From l-r, 2006 hardback book brochure, 2008 grey glossy, 2012 uncoated, textured cover with letterpress S stamp, 2015 velvet touch brochure.

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Posted under 'Company' by Hayley on 4 March 2015

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