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TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More!

22 June 2018

Here at David Salisbury, we have always taken pride in our team as a whole - with our recent team building event underlining the importance of effective teamwork.  So we thought we would share some of the fun from our recent team building day, which took place in the beautiful surroundings of Dillington House, near Ilminster in Somerset.   

Leading orangeries and conservatories team

Teamwork required to cross the swamp!

Leading orangeries and garden rooms team

David Salisbury team crosses in near record time

Over more than 30 years of successful operations, we are confident that the highly experienced, expert David Salisbury team is without equal in the UK orangeries and conservatories market. Much has been written on the importance of a group ethic, in the search for a cohesive business operation, or successful sports team for that matter.

To take a topical context, the England football team at the current World Cup has made much of their togetherness, as opposed to a collection of individuals – something which has been blamed for some of their past tournament failures.

David Salisbury Commercial team manager

Design skills from our Commercial Manager

Stunning architectural features in-keeping with David Salisbury

Stunning architectural features provide backdrop

In our quest for continuous improvement, we are investing in our most important asset: our people.  As we described in our recent Blog, we firmly believe, we are on course for our best ever year but, whatever the case, we will not be standing still.

The training day taught us a lot of highly useful insights into the merits and positive outcomes of recognising our individual strengths and characteristics but, most importantly, how a team will always achieve more. 

Experienced David Salisbury orangery team

Small teams build sections of 'Mexican Railway'

Teamwork for orangeries and conservatories

Whole team comes together to join the railway up

This was particularly demonstrated in some of the afternoon's practical activities - we could not have crossed the swamp (bouncy castle) with the limited number of planks if we had not planned our strategy and enacted it as a team. The ‘Mexican Railway’ challenge started in small teams but we had to join together as one cohesive group to complete the task. These were just a couple of the many simple yet effective examples of underlining how 'Together Everyone Achieves More' - TEAM.

Bespoke designs for David Salisbury team

Building challenges no problem for the team

Team making award-winning orangeries and conservatories

Winning teams are grinning teams!

So whilst the David Salisbury team is on a continuous path of improvement, all we can hope is that the England football team will do the same - after all, to use a famous footballing quote, as the great Pele once said, "no individual can win a game by himself."

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