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David Salisbury Re-branding

15 March 2016

We are delighted to announce that our two sister companies – County Oak and Clifton Joinery – are currently undergoing a re-branding process. In order to consolidate and clarify the relationship between the three companies. "County Oak" is to be re-branded as "David Salisbury Oak” and 'Clifton Joinery' becomes “David Salisbury Commercial”.

county oak logo

County Oak

david salisbury oak logo

David Salisbury Oak

We believe the important distinction is between the client types rather than the building types, and in reality David Salisbury clients and County Oak clients are very similar. There are many instances of crossover between the two brands and bringing them essentially under the same umbrella will bring greater clarity to our customers. New 'David Salisbury Oak' adverts will be appearing in the next couple of weeks and the brochure goes to print tomorrow (16th March 2016).

clifton joinery logo

Clifton Joinery

david salisbury commecial logo

David Salisbury Commercial

'David Salisbury Commercial' does what it says on the tin. We have always had a 'trade' arm going back 25 years, but recently it has become clear that the right strategy for our commercial sales is to target architects, specifiers and developers, rather than conservatory re-sellers. It is also clear that this market is crying out for a top of the range timber window. With the recent launch of our latest flagship A rated window, it is the perfect time to introduce the commercial brand.

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