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What about the Weather

16 July 2012

People are always saying things to me like, “I expect this weather is good for your business”. That is usually after a sunny day (when was the last one?). Not being very good at small talk I never know how to answer this and I am sure the questioner probably wasn’t looking for an in depth analysis of the affect of the weather on consumerism.

With the omniscient and omnipresent statistics from Google, however it is possible to do some analysis, at least at the stage of initial enquiry. The answer at this level is deceptively simple - sunshine is BAD for business. I can confidently predict that should we eventually have a week of summer sunshine, enquiries that week will fall by at least 20%. By way of explanation, you don’t need a Nobel prize in economics to speculate that people would rather be on the beach than scouring the Internet in pursuit of ways to spend their money.

I also predict that after two weeks of good weather enquiries will recover as the novelty of the sunshine wears off and life’s rhythms find a new equilibrium. Going beyond the obvious to wonder whether the feel good factor brought on by sunshine actually encourages people to spend money is another story, but I expect someone has written a PhD thesis on the subject. When I am asked the question at the top of this entry, I am sure that what people are thinking is that a conservatory is a lovely bright room filled with light and that sunshine will only make the thought more attractive.

There may be something in that but the conservatory really comes into its own when there is beautiful or dramatic light and it is that bit too cold to sit outside. This accounts for a large number of days where I live and today is one of them.

Posted under 'Comment' by David on 16 July 2012

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