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Weather for spending time at home

16 August 2019

Whilst here in the UK we are all experts at discussing the weather(!), this unseasonably wet and windy spell we’re currently experiencing is perhaps best for spending some time in our homes, where an orangery or conservatory is undoubtedly the best room for relaxing and enjoying the Summer, no matter what it throws at us.

With a second consecutive weekend of rain and wind forecast, those of us with school age children might be busy looking for things to do, but many of us use this time to think about how to improve our homes.

Bespoke orangery award-winning interior design

Immaculate modern interiors...

Bespoke orangeries award-winning interior design

...make us want to spend time in this orangery

Whilst there might not be widespread documentary evidence to this assertion, here at David Salisbury, we can statistically demonstrate from levels of new enquiries that we tend to get an increase in prospective customer interest during or after periods when we spend more time at home.

January is always the busiest time of year for new brochure requests and complimentary design consultations from our team of sales designers, who provide this service all around the country. Indeed, the whole of the first Quarter of the year tends to be busy as customers have had the Christmas holiday period at home and then set their sights on the New Year ahead and new projects and aspirations.

Traditional orangery design listed buildings

An orangery will become our favourite room

Traditional orangeries listed buildings

Why move when an orangery will improve?

Later in the year though, during September and October, once the Summer holiday period is well and truly over, is the next busiest period. It cannot be a coincidence that both of these peak times of year come after an extended break and consequently more time spent at home.

After a July of record temperatures and sunshine, August has been something of a wash-out so far. If the previous month provided plenty of scope for BBQs and days at the beach, this month has had an entirely different focus. Another interesting observation is that part of the reason for our increase in commercial buildings projects – apart from our expertise and unique experience of this type of work – is the return on investment generated from all year round usage of the additional space created.

David Salisbury commercial orangery Brent House pub

Orangery at Brent House provides year round use

David Salisbury commercial orangery Clevedon Hall wedding venue

Increasing expertise in commercial projects

From a homeowner’s perspective, adding an orangery or oak garden room will do so much more that simply add significant value to your property. It will bring you closer to the outdoors and nature and provide convenient access to your garden. The flexible additional space can be used for living, relaxing, cooking and entertaining.

Our customers often tell us their David Salisbury orangery becomes their favourite room at home and the one they spend most time in. With the variable weather looking set to be a feature of our Summers going forward, isn’t it time you invested in an orangery or conservatory which you can enjoy all year round?

david salisbury quality oak garden rooms

Oak garden room adds more than just value

david salisbury premium quality timber oak garden rooms

Garden room looks like it has always been there

Enquire now and get ahead of the rest, by booking a complimentary home design visit before the busier months of September and October. Don’t worry, our sales designers will visit come rain or shine!


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