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The Future of The Conservatory

17 October 2013

It’s been rather a long time since my last entry, during which I have been to Australia and back. Not that being in Australia is any excuse, as I was online virtually every day. Since my return, there has been a crazy pace of work – especially the preparation for next year’s marketing campaign.

This morning I have been to a strategy meeting at McCann Ericson’s Bristol office with Alex our Sales Director and Hayley our Graphic Designer. They have promised us the visuals for next year’s campaign in two weeks and I can’t wait to see them. In the mean time we have launched our 2014 conservatory design competition to be judged by Oliver Heath which I hope to be an annual event.

We are inviting students of design, architecture, and construction to put forward designs for the next generation of conservatories. In the minds of some people “The Conservatory” has become a dated concept, and we now talk about orangeries, sun-rooms and garden rooms. However I suspect that when the shifting patterns of fashion subside the term “Conservatory” will still be with us, and I would like us to ensure that it remains fresh.

We are asking for innovation and If you think you may be interested please go to the web page dedicated to the competition. Incidentally we are have also commissioned a new web site which we hopw will be live before Xmas.

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