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What will you do with your extra hour this weekend!?

26 October 2018

Autumn might have been with us for a while now but the recent warmer daytime temperatures have held that feeling off for a bit longer. The trees are certainly starting to drop their leaves and the mornings are starting to feel fresher but the most obvious sign of the change in season has been the shorter daylight hours.
That feeling is going to become all the more apparent when the clocks go back one hour, overnight Saturday into Sunday this weekend. Whilst that will mean potentially an extra hour in bed for us all, it also means Sunday has 25 hours to enjoy as opposed to the usual 24.

Orangery interior relaxing winter

Orangery looks appealing with log fire

Orangery exterior garden room

Garden room perfect for autumnal entertaining

That’s an extra hour that could be used in any manner of different ways, from catching up on sleep (perhaps not for parents of younger children or owners of pets!) through to indulging in a favourite pastime or simply spending some time relaxing in your orangery, conservatory or oak garden room.

We will gain our extra hour at 2am on Sunday, October 28th 2018. Your mobile phone and other computing devices such as a laptop or tablet should update automatically, but other clocks like your hot water boiler and car, will need be updated manually – so here’s your friendly reminder!

orangery kitchen extension exterior

Orangery kitchen extension at dusk

orangery exterior french doors

Orangery ready for change of season

The change of clocks also coincides with half term holidays for most school children so this is a good opportunity for a bit of family time before the busy last couple of months of the year and the onset of the festive period.

So the question we’re asking in this week’s blog is: what will you do with your extra hour this weekend?

oak orangery interior for dining

Ready for family lunch in this oak orangery

orangery interior for living & relaxing

Ready to relax in this orangery after lunch

We recommend a bit of family time and with the weather turning cold, what better way to spend it than a get together in your orangery or garden room: taking in the autumnal views from the warmth of the indoors. A Sunday roast cooked in your orangery kitchen extension followed by some quality time in your favourite chair with the newspaper sounds good to us.  Can anyone top that?

Remember, the clocks go back, not forward!

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