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Orangery Kitchen & Dining Room Extension

This attractive orangery kitchen extension is the latest in a long line of successful projects from David Salisbury that underlines there is no slowdown in our love for open plan kitchens.

More than just an orangery, the customer’s brief was to create an open plan kitchen living space the whole family could enjoy and also to open up the house to the garden.

Expertly designed by Rudy Staal, one of our more experienced and creative sales designers, the project involved a few notable aspects. But, in the first instance, it required creativity and persistence in getting the design right, something which involved both Rudy and the customer.

“The kitchen features an old bread oven surround – a left over from when the old boy who grew up and lived here served the bread to the local village,” as the customer noted. “So we decided to make a feature of the surround which is now a cupboard within our new kitchen.”

The new orangery, painted in the contemporary shade of Mendip Grey, has added significantly to the floor area of the property. There is now a bespoke kitchen with a central island unit and breakfast bar with space for 4 bar stools. The perimeter flat roof, around the roof lantern, is a hallmark of an orangery and means the relevant extraction unit was able to be installed. At the other end of the room is space for a large dining table and chairs, meaning the entire extended family can gather for social occasions.

The double sets of French doors allow convenient access to the patio and garden area, which looks just as appealing in Summer as it did under the snow earlier this year.

“We have had so many positive comments from friends and visitors - it is pretty jaw-dropping,” the customer noted. “We can finally have the whole family in one room, as we did over Christmas. What a party venue we have. Thank you!”

It only seems right to let the customer have the final word: “Thank you for all you have done for us - we literally love it!”

Rudy Staal - David Salisbury Designer

Orangery Kitchen Extension, Buckinghamshire

Designed by:Rudy Staal

The old bread oven surround was retained as a design feature