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Pastel Coloured Lean-to Conservatory in Cirencester

This beautiful Grade II listed house in Cirencester had a small lean-to which provided our customers with a lovely light room in which they could enjoy the views of their garden.

The original design was a gable front, to match the gables on the house. However, the Listed Building Officer thought the new addition to the home would detract from the grandeur of the house and suggested a lean-to would be more flattering to the property.

Our customer’s own builder worked with us on the project and did a very good job with the base for the conservatory.

The overall size is 4.5 x 3.6 metres which is in good proportion to the house. It is painted in Stone and finished with Brass door and window furniture.

Simon Martin - David Salisbury Designer

Lean-To Listed House, Gloucestershire

Designed by:Simon Martin