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Planning Permission & Site Surveys

Except in the case of smaller builds, most projects require planning permission. To speed this process up we employ a planning specialist who often gets involved even before our designer has visited you, as part of our complimentary design consultation. In fact, by the time you’ve placed your order our specialist will have already advised us on what’s required and we are able to submit the application with the minimum of delay.

Your surveyor or contract manager will go through your contract with you to ensure you understand exactly what you’re buying and to deal with any changes that you may now require. A set of precise technical drawings are then produced for your approval, which we ask you to examine thoroughly, as these can sometimes differ slightly from the designer’s initial concepts.

Although David Salisbury naturally takes responsibility for the technical aspects of the design, this is your opportunity to be sure that the aesthetic elements are right for you. At this stage, it is important to confirm details such as which windows open and whether anything should be aligned with existing features on the house.

If there is any aspect of the design or technical drawing that requires a little further explanation, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Our expert team is here to help you every step of the way – with our unrivalled industry experience, let us guide you through the process.  

Whilst our award-winning orangeries, oak framed buildings and conservatories are designed for you to enjoy for life, we also want the sales design, build and installation process to be as smooth and for you as possible. We are driven by complete customer satisfaction - building recommendations is obviously key to our future success, like any business – so we want you to be satisfied you are being looked after by industry professionals throughout.    

planning permission meeting

Finalising Designs

checking planning drawings

Checking the Drawings

orangery with balcony

Orangery with Balcony