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Lean-to Hardwood Conservatory in Frome

In the town of Frome our clients were looking for a lean-to conservatory filled with natural light. Our designer at David Salisbury created this simple but effective design which perfectly fits the bill. It has two skylights and top hung windows to for ventilation which is all important in this kind of extension.

Our clients are DIY lovers and they took a very keen interest in all aspects of the project especially with the on site - construction. The conservatory was finished in Pebble White and has brass window and door furniture.

The final design blends well with the style of the house and provides our clients with a new room filled with plenty of natural light and warmth. They instantly fell in love with their new room finding it a delightful addition to the house and an extra space that is used all year round.

Karen Bell - David Salisbury Director

Lean-To Conservatory, Somerset

Designed by:Karen Bell