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Orangery Restaurant for leading Farm Centre

Millets Farm Centre is ‘Oxfordshire's number one family day out for food, shopping and entertainment.’ Covering a site of some 300 acres, there is so much to see and do that one can easily spend a day here, so getting the restaurant and catering experience right is a crucial part of the overall business plan.

The layout of the previous Farmhouse Kitchen was not ideally conceived and constrained both restaurant footfall and efficient table service.

With our growing portfolio of prestigious commercial buildings, Millets Farm approached David Salisbury to design and build a replacement restaurant extension.

The new orangery extension was designed by Rudy Staal, one of our leading sales designers. The bespoke rustic oak exterior complements the existing farm centre buildings and well suits the surrounding environment.

Catering Design Group, one of the UK’s leading restaurant interior and commercial kitchen design companies, was commissioned by our customer to work alongside David Salisbury on the interior design and layout.

Working in close co-ordination, with our respective 3D drawing skills particularly beneficial to clearly illustrate the end result, an expanded restaurant was designed, with an improved layout providing a far better quality customer experience.

Building on the success of the oak orangery restaurant extension we designed and installed the year before at Brent House, the new Farmhouse Kitchen restaurant is the largest oak structure that David Salisbury has been fortunate enough to be involved in.

The installation commenced at the start of 2020, during what was a period of cold weather, so huge credit to our installation team on the build, all of which was expertly overseen on time and schedule by our Senior Contracts Manager Mike Chinn.  

One of the highlights of this project was the pleasure of working with such wonderful customers as the owners of Millets Farm, which is a family-run business.

The new expanded Farmhouse Kitchen team works closely with their Farm Shop butchers and bakers to deliver a delicious and wholesome menu. Using the freshest ingredients picked from the Millets family farm, a visit to the restaurant will find seasonal dishes with minimal food miles.

Whilst the period of time since the restaurant re-opened has clearly been influenced by the impact of the differing Covid restrictions, we look forward to our next visit to the new Millets Farm’s Farmhouse Kitchen, when it is safe to do so.



Millets Farm Centre

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Rudy Staal - David Salisbury Designer

Orangery Restaurant for Millets Farm Centre

Designed by:Rudy Staal

New restaurant is the largest oak structure we have designed