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luxury orangery exterior

The ‘Quiet Luxury’ Interior Trend

‘Quiet luxury’ is a rising trend in interior design, characterised by understated elegance, refined simplicity, and quality materials and craftsmanship.

In the fast-paced, connected world of today, many of us are seeking refuge in the calming beauty of this year’s emerging interior design trend.

luxury open plan orangery
Creating a discreet sense of luxury

This developing style is all about charm, subtle sophistication and, above all, a focus on quality materials and craftsmanship – shared characteristics of a David Salisbury orangery or garden room: high quality finishes, and subtle design details that create an atmosphere of understated glamour.

Whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist, ‘quiet luxury’ can bring a sense of peace and serenity to your home. This article will explore the origins of the term, its key elements, and practical tips for incorporating it into your own home.

luxury orangery design
A peaceful but luxurious space

Why Now?

So why is this trend gaining traction in 2023?

One reason may be a shift in values among consumers, who are increasingly seeking out products and experiences that are authentic, sustainable, and meaningful. In the world of interior design, this means a move away from fast fashion and disposable décor towards a more considered and thoughtful approach.

Another factor driving the rise of quiet luxury is the growing desire for wellness and mindfulness in the home. As people become more aware of the impact their living environment has on their mental and physical health, they are seeking out spaces that promote relaxation, comfort, and a sense of sanctuary.

luxury orangery living room
a haven at home

How to add quiet luxury into your home

Quiet luxury, with its emphasis on natural materials, soft textures, and calming color palettes, is a perfect fit for this trend.

Here are some of our top tips for incorporating quiet luxury into your own home, whether from the inside or outside.

Invest in quality materials

From an interior perspective, consider using natural fibres like linen, cotton, and wool for bedding, towels, and upholstery.

Look for furniture made from solid wood or natural stone, concentrating on quality of materials and craftsmanship.

oak framed orangery interior
Quality natural materials

Choose a calming color palette

Soft neutrals like beige, grey, and cream create a sense of serenity, while muted blues and greens can evoke a feeling of tranquility.

orangery interior colour palette
A calming colour palette

Pay attention to texture

Layering different textures, like a plush rug, velvet throw pillows, and a chunky knit blanket, can add depth and warmth to a space.

luxury orangery living room design
how to create a layered interior space

Focus on craftsmanship

Look for pieces that are well-made and designed to last, rather than less sustainably produced items that will perhaps quickly go out of style and not last long.

The same goes when considering extending your home – a well designed and crafted garden room will provide a quiet luxurious space to be enjoyed whatever the occasion.

luxury orangery open plan design
Sustainably produced furniture

Keep it simple

Above all, avoid clutter and excess decoration, and focus on creating a space that is serene and uncluttered.

This oak framed kitchen extension below is a good example of a neat, well-organised open plan living space that evokes a quiet sense of luxury.

oak framed kitchen extension

In conclusion, quiet luxury is a trend that emphasises quality over quantity, subtlety over flashiness, and wellness over excess.

By incorporating these principles into your own home, you can create a space that is both beautiful and meaningful, and that promotes a sense of calm and tranquility in your daily life.

Why not experiment with quiet luxury in your own home, and appreciate the beauty of simplicity and quality craftsmanship?

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