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Conservatories – Bespoke Conservatory Designs

Conservatories Designed To Transform Your Home

Bespoke conservatory designs to complement your home and transform your lifestyle.  

Conservatories used to be the most popular form of glazed extensions – whilst orangeries have become more popular in recent years, with their design features making them ideal solutions for kitchen extensions for example, there is something about the style of a well designed bespoke conservatory that simply cannot be equalled.

Imagine yourself sitting in your favourite chair for a morning coffee or stargazing with a glass of wine, your conservatory will become the room you spend the most time in at home.

wooden conservatory

Bespoke Conservatory Designs

Conservatories typically have fully glazed roofs, which is perhaps the key feature that distinguishes them from an orangery or other house extensions. As a result, one of the many benefits that a conservatory will bring to your home is an abundance of light. Period properties in particular sometimes lack natural light, making a conservatory an good choice option for an extension. Whatever the style or age of your home, we will design you a bespoke conservatory that will perfectly blend with its surroundings.

conservatory with views

Conservatory Views For House & Garden

Your conservatory will provide you with simply the best views of your garden and surrounding area. Forming that link between indoors and outdoors, you enjoy a vista that no other room in your home can get close to. Whether this is rolling countryside or a more compact, enclosed garden, conservatories are simply the extension of choice if you are looking for a room to escape the everyday and take pleasure from your garden and the light.

lean-to conservatory

Conservatories To Complement Every Style

Conservatories can be designed with traditional or more contemporary architectural features. From a simple lean-to (shown in the image above) through to traditional designs inspired by the Victorian, Georgian or Edwardian era and on to more modern layouts including ‘hipped’ or ‘gable end,’ the starting point for our bespoke designs is your home. Whilst design styles can be adapted, the common theme is creating a room for enjoyment.

Modern conservatory interior

A Conservatory Designed Around Your Life

A bespoke conservatory from David Salisbury will become your favourite room at home, regardless of the time of day or year. How you intend to use your conservatory is entirely up to you. A living room, a dining room, a home office, a kitchen extension, a relaxing space: the list goes on. Our experienced designers will help you consider the look and feel of your conservatory when it is finished, so the layout can account for your choice of furniture.

conservatory with style

Conservatories For Everyday Living

If extending your home with a conservatory has been an aim or aspiration, take the first step and contact the market leader in wooden conservatories here in the UK.

David Salisbury has been designing and installing award-winning conservatories nationwide for over 35 years. Experts at working with Listed Buildings and period homes, our bespoke design capabilities and precision manufacturing are further examples of areas where we lead the market.

Whether it is a conservatory you are considering, or perhaps an orangery style extension, our experienced team will guide you through every step of the process. Creating practical rooms for everyday living are what conservatories from David Salisbury are all about.