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  • conservatory swimming pool building - inside
  • timber and glass pool building external showing house
  • bespoke swimming pool enclosure with oak framing
  • external view of large conservatory pool building
  • large conservatory pool building
  • stone built swimming pool building with lanterns


A swimming pool enclosure makes extraordinary demands on the wood used in its construction, due to the high humidity levels of the surrounding environment. With this in mind, our bespoke structures are designed with an unerring focus on both the technical and aesthetic requirements.


conservatory pool room

Conservatory Pool Room

You shouldn't have to wait for the summer to indulge in a peaceful morning swim or to relax by your pool. Enjoy swimming all year round with an elegant enclosure that provides a cool sanctuary in the summer and a warm retreat in the winter.
Your bespoke conservatory pool enclosure will be designed specifically for your technical and aesthetic needs. It is the perfect solution - whether you want to make your existing pool usable in every season, or want a stylish new addition to your home and garden.
Getting the balance right between insulation and ventilation, as well as environmental control and structural integrity, means we can add to your pool’s beauty while contributing to its functionality. By making your pool usable all year round, taking a dip becomes a whole new experience.