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Beautiful Timber framed GARDEN ROOMS

Garden rooms are generally built with a traditional solid roof, their robustness complementing the airiness provided by generously-proportioned windows. A cool escape on summer afternoons and a warm sanctuary on long winter evenings, they bring the outside in, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your garden from the comfort of your favourite armchair.

Bringing new levels of enjoyment to your home

garden room interior

Garden Room Interior

Built with thermal efficiency in mind and using the finest materials, our garden rooms combine expert craftsmanship with outstanding engineering to bring new levels of relaxation and enjoyment to your home. As a cool escape on summer afternoons and a warm sanctuary for long winter evenings, a luxurious garden room is an invitation that draws you in all year round.

A room that combines the beauty of your garden with the comfort of your home isn't a compromise - it's our promise.

Bringing together the solid roof of a traditional extension with the light flooding in from generous windows, a garden room is a versatile and thermally efficient space that will be part of your life in every season. Whether you want the maximum insulation of a solid roof throughout, or the injection of light from glass sections, we'll make sure you get the best. Everything we do is done with precision.

A David Salisbury expert will be on hand to guide you through the process every step of the way. From the initial complimentary design consultation all the way through to a dedicated project manager being appointed to oversee every aspect of the construction and installation of your garden room, our team will provide the professional level of customer service that you would expect.

Combining the delicate touch of expert craftsmanship with the fine accuracy of modern engineering, you can trust your garden room will be perfect. Why not imagine yourself now sat in your favourite chair, admiring the views of your garden from your new garden room….and take the next step?