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Garden Rooms for Garden Living

13 May 2021

We’ve all been looking forward to a Summer spent seeing more of our friends and family, making the most of our homes and gardens from a more social perspective. With restrictions being relaxed and the country starting to open back up, the concept of garden living looks set to continue to grow as a trend.

Well, that was the plan at least, until the weather decided not to turn up(!). If you’ve already had to change plans, because the temperature or conditions have prevented you entertaining outside, it might be time to consider the many benefits of adding a garden room to your property.

Being able to easily move from indoors to out and create a closer connection with your garden are obvious features, let alone creating the ideal setting for a home/garden office space.

If you’re longing for a bit of garden living, here are 5 garden room designs that provide the very essence of this trend, to help inspire you and look forward to better weather ahead.

garden room interior

Maximising the views from this garden room

garden room exterior

A space to relax and enjoy at all times

Enjoyment Whatever the Time of Day

The full height glazing which is a feature of this bespoke garden room in Somerset (above) maximises the flow of natural light and brings the garden right into the home. This is a space to be enjoyed by day or night – a calm environment for a home office or the perfect place to relax when the work is done.

garden room for listed building

Painted timber garden room design

garden room interior for listed building

Proving the very essence of garden living

Contemporary Shades of Grey

The distinctive Bath stone of this property was beautifully offset by the contemporary grey finish of this garden room. By retaining the existing exterior wall without any change, within the interior of the garden room, really adds to the overall feel of garden living in this luxurious extension.

Oak framed garden room

Oak framed garden room with mansard roof

Oak framed garden room interior

Bi-fold doors bring the garden closer to the home

Oak Framed Inspiration

An oak framed garden room is a good example of design being inspired by garden living. By highlighting the natural timber, as opposed to painting it, this garden room literally feels like an extension of the garden. With plenty of adventurous indoor plants to round it off, this ensures the line between indoors and out is even more blurred.

Freestanding garden room design

Stand-alone garden room goals

Freestanding garden room interior

Opening the doors to some garden living

 Freestanding Garden Room

If you have the garden space, why not use it to full effect? This design is completely freestanding, providing a focal point within the beautiful original walled garden. With space for a desk and able to work as a living room or dining room, this is another example of the type of multi-functional space which has proven to be particularly in demand over the past year.

Bespoke orangery design

Design complements surrounding landscape

Bespoke orangery interior

Filled with natural light and views to savour

Countryside Views

Taking in the views of the scenic Wiltshire countryside, this orangery complements the original period property and looks like a completely natural extension. An important aspect of every garden room design is to ensure it works in harmony with the surrounding environment – achieving this objective will help ensure that your garden room will provide the type of garden living that anyone would desire.


If these garden room designs have left you aspiring to some garden living, it might be time to request some expert design advice from David Salisbury.



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