Rudy Staal

picture of Rudy Staal

Rudy grew up in South Africa with a dream to study medicine but after moving to England, he began working in Information Technology and Design in the City of London. Alongside this, he completed a Degree in Hospitality Management.

His career with David Salisbury began in April 2010, after spending a few years in the industry working for a competitor. Rudy has a natural creative flair and this shows in his designs. If you’re stuck for ideas, Rudy will give you a thousand!

To list one project as a favourite is hard for Rudy as each project is so different and each has their own style, quirks, creative energy, and challenges. Rudy treats all projects with the same level of enthusiasm and creativity as the next. He loves visiting his clients and really cares about the experience and lifestyle our customers gain from installing a David Salisbury product. Expect him to pop back to see you after the project is complete!