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Order Processing

picture of graham hill

Graham Hill

Processing Manager

Graham joined the company in 1996 as a wood machinist & joiner and is credited with developing the company’s first Website way back in 1997, which he created for a College project, whilst studying for a HNC in Information Technology.
In 2000, he traded in his tools, for a keyboard and mouse and started working as a CAD Technician on design realisation and contract processing. Evening college classes in 3D AutoCAD were undertaken, to support his new role. In 2009, Graham became Processing Manager and now oversees a team of 5 dedicated technicians. He has a passion for constantly evaluating and evolving the processing and quality systems.
His self-driven desire to continually improve and challenge himself, eventually led him to return to studying and in 2013 he graduated with distinction, from Bridgwater College, with a Level 5 in Management & Leadership.

picture of mike lomen

Mike Lomen

Processing Technician

Mike joined the company and the CAD / Processing department in July 2004. Departmental restructuring in 2006 led to Mike becoming a dedicated Processing Technician focusing on producing manufacturing and supply information, from contract design drawings.

With a wealth of experience, product knowledge and a keen attention to detail Mike, has worked on many of the most prestigious and challenging designs that the company has undertaken.

picture of tim yard

Tim Yard

Processing Technician

Tim joined the company in the September of 2006. He spent just over a year working on the shop floor operating the CNC machines, before being offered a position in the processing department.

Tim enjoys the variety that his role brings, as his time is taken up both processing and creating CNC programs for the shop floor.

Before he joined David Salisbury, Tim had 6 years’ experience programming, setting and operating CNC machines for a company that made bespoke shop fittings.

picture of james david

James Davis

Processing Technician

James Joined David Salisbury in 2008 and is responsible for programming the more complex components for the 5 axis CNC machines.

He enjoys the challenge of realising complex designs in timber, and being bespoke products there will always be something new.

picture of jeff bird

Jeff Bird

Processing Technician

Jeff Joined the Company in 2010 working in the factory stores. He became a member of the Processing Team in 2013 and enjoys working with a team of dedicated individuals, who are passionate about precision and quality.

Floyd Parsons

Processing Technician

Floyd is the newest addition to the processing team, having started in July 2017.
Coming from a CAD based design background, he has a good understanding of the software used by the department already as well as a keen interest in the processes used to create a David Salisbury timber structure.