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How Do You Bring More Light Into Your Home?

28 February 2020

A common issue that we regularly speak to prospective customers about is how to bring more light into the home. This feels particularly important at this time of year, when the shorter days mean natural light is at a premium.

So we have compiled a handy guide with a few pointers for you to consider if you want to add more light into your property, a trend that we have discussed previously and that continues to remain topical with the subject of our physical and mental well-being staying in the news.

The starting point is clearly your existing home and any potential constraints on light. Think about the areas or rooms you spend most time in and this will dictate where best to focus your efforts.

bespoke orangery interior design

Mirrors and open doors help accentuate light

Wooden orangeries modern interiors

Flooring adds to this light-filled orangery

There are a number of tricks that interior designers recommend with regard to décor. Hanging a large mirror directly opposite the largest window in your room can help to double the amount of natural light available. A number of smaller mirrors arranged appropriately can have the same impact. Choice of flooring is also important: a light wood floor can help lift light levels by reflecting light from windows and doors.

Bespoke orangery London

Double storey orangery transforms this home

Bespoke orangery kitchen extension London

Orangery key source of light for this home

Opting for light or neutral wall colour schemes will also help with the amount of ambient light in your home. Here’s a handy tip with regard to position of your furniture: ensure bookshelves or similar tall pieces run perpendicular to your windows so that they do not obstruct the flow of light. 

It might be, however, that your property naturally lacks light and that potential improvements such as replacing some walls with windows are simply not practical or possible. Period properties often lack light and, if they are listed, alterations can often seem daunting. They need not, if you seek some specialist advice.

Bespoke orangeries for period properties

Combining old and new to bring in the light

Bespoke oak orangeries for period properties

Two more fans of orangeries & light!

Adding a glazed extension to your property, whether this is an orangery or perhaps a solid structure with an overhead roof lantern, are options to consider.

One of the many benefits of an orangery is the quantity of light that is brought into your home via the all-around windows or roof lantern above. Varying height windows and doors can be designed in different styles and configurations. Opening doors can bring in more light in any case but glazed doors are obviously a better solution.

Some years ago now, a conservatory was the preferred type of structure for a glazed extension. Typically featuring a fully glazed roof, conservatories are perhaps the most effective type of building extension for bringing light into the home.

Wooden conservatory bespoke design

Bespoke conservatory all about the light

Bespoke oak orangery with lantern roof

Skylights or roof lanterns add in even more light

Orangeries, however, have been the preferred structure in recent years as their solid flat roof elements can incorporate more of the features required for today’s modern living, from AV equipment to the technical requirements for a kitchen extension.

The above-mentioned roof lantern, or skylights as they are just as often called, are a great way of bringing more light into your property. Whether square, rectangular or the more architecturally ornate domed shape, these ‘windows for your roof’ will help transform even the darkest room.

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