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Perfect for lazy breakfasts, mealtimes with the family or lingering over coffee with the Sunday papers, a David Salisbury kitchen extension is not simply a place to enhance your culinary repertoire. Everyone is amazed just how much time they spend in this room, and how they ever lived without it.


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Modern Kitchen Extension

Of course, a kitchen has to blend practicality and beauty in equal measure, and our careful design, exceptional craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail ensure precisely that.

Often, the answer to the new kitchen conundrum is an orangery, its striking lantern roofs, solidity and roomy proportions providing everything you need in terms of space, natural light and sheer usability. You might ask us to open up a room you already have, so as to expand it into your David Salisbury Kitchen Orangery. Remember practical requirements need to be met just as much as aesthetics and we can help with all aspects of the project from heating (and cooling) to flooring and furniture.

An added benefit of considering a new kitchen project is the value it will add to your home – it has been proven over the years that updating your kitchen, in comparison to other rooms around your property, is the single quickest way to increasing the worth of your property. Of course, doing this in the extended footprint that a kitchen orangery extension brings, means you achieve increased space and an updated kitchen – good ingredients for a successful recipe(!). If you would like to read more about trends in kitchen extensions, please visit our Blog.

Call us today and one of our experienced designers will be happy to visit and discuss your requirement. There is no charge for this service and no obligation. We have designers located throughout the UK and appointments can usually be arranged at short notice. David Salisbury designers are particularly experienced in this area, creating designs for the perfect kitchen extension. We will build you a fabulous new open plan dining or space for entertainment as well as cater for the essential modern kitchen functions.