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Next Steps

We urge you to visit our factory in Somerset, everyone who comes here is impressed by what they see. You will see for yourself how carefully we look after every detail. If at all possible you should visit, but of course many of our clients are busy and frequently live too far for a quick trip. In that case you should see one of our installations and speak to a former client.

The best recommendation comes from our customers, and many of them are only too happy to invite you to their home to view their David Salisbury extension. We have thousands of installations so ask your designer to arrange a visit and they will do his best find somewhere not too far from where you live.

glass to ground orangery

Orangery Glass To Ground

Peer to Peer Viewing

Your designer can usually arrange a visit to one of our existing customers.

working on the bench

Working On The Bench

Factory Tour

You can get an idea of the sort of company we are by paying a visit to our factory in Somerset