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Inspiring Trends For Our Homes In 2021

Welcome to our first Blog of the New Year – a year that has clearly not started as we would have wished. As we adjust to Lockdown life once again, this time during the colder Winter months, we are going to be spending even more time in our homes.

While this theme might seem familiar, after the events of the past nine months, we have taken a look at some of the home design trends that are being forecast for the year ahead.

Remaining positive and focusing on our individual and collective health and wellbeing is going to continue to be the main concern for us all but, alongside this, considering how best to re-imagine our homes from the perspective of both comfort and functionality is a trend that looks like being with us again this year.

As the UK’s biggest selling lifestyle magazine, Good Housekeeping, is perhaps as good an authority as any on the subject of our homes and how we can design them best to accommodate our changing lifestyles. In this Blog we will pick out just a few of the trends that caught our eye in their recent article on home décor trends for 2021.

Livable Luxury

This concept is all about versatility in design and re-thinking spaces around our home for their maximum use and enjoyment. Bespoke designs can be created with flexibility in mind and remain one of the many benefits of adding an extension such as an orangery or conservatory to your home. We all want our homes to be our havens so let’s ensure our living spaces are as luxurious as they can be.

Indoor Plants

The idea of more adventurous indoor plants, a trend that was first identified this time last year, looks set to grow again in 2021. Plants are not only good for our wellbeing but they help bring a sense of the outdoors closer, whilst also helping to freshen the air. Consider adding these statement plants into an orangery or garden room to not only show them off but also provide a calming interior environment.

Multi-Purpose Spaces

Last year, we all had to adapt at times, to make our homes work around our changing circumstances. Whether this was finding an area for a desk or home office, considering your interior backdrop for multiple Zoom calls, or combining everyday tasks with home schooling, our homes became multi-functional living spaces.

If you haven’t already considered changes to the layout or décor of your home, the requirement for flexible living is most likely not going to go away. It might be that space constraints are holding you back, in which case many people are choosing to improve their homes, rather than moving for more space.

Adding an orangery or garden room is the very essence of multi-functional space, as they can be used for a kitchen extension, living room, dining room, home office or home gym – all the while being filled with natural light and being closer to the outdoors.

Timeless Design

If you’re going to invest in improvements to your home, the concept of timeless design is perhaps not a new one, but is worth highlighting here. Creating a sense of simple sophistication, that looks like it has always been there, are hallmarks of enduring designs.

These also form part of our orangery design philosophy here at David Salisbury. Quality, integrity, classic features – these are all common characteristics of successful designs that stand the test of time.

With our homes continuing to play such a key part in our lives, and with even more time due to be spent indoors in the coming months, let’s consider these trends and re-imagine our properties to ensure they provide the multi-functional living spaces that we all require.

Most importantly, let’s make sure we enjoy our homes.

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