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An Unusual Project - Extension to a Church

10 April 2015

I was excited when we got the commission to add an extension to an old Church in Sussex. The church had previously been de-consecrated and converted to a dwelling and was already an amazing living space with a huge open plan area and mezzanine sleeping accommodation. Most of the old features are still intact including beautiful stained glass windows.

de-consecrated church before extension

Church used as dwelling

concept drawing for new extension

Concept drawing

I visited this site yesterday in Sussex and the builders were making great progress with the granite stonework. They were clearly proud to be involved in this special project and enjoying the challenge of achieving something different.

A church as you can imaging offers limited natural light, so an extension with a glass roof would provide a lighter area to enjoy the sun and the sky. The concept shows how the glazed extension mirrors an existing annex on the other side at the rear of the building. The solid walls are in granite with traditional lime mortar between the specially commissioned stone quoins and buttresses.

I will post more information when the project is nearer to completion.

Posted under 'Projects' by David on 10 April 2015

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