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Arlington Court - Next Phase

3 September 2012

arlington court under construction with heron

Under construction with famous heron

arlington court roof members completed

Roof members completed

Work is going well at The National Trust property of Arlington Court. The remaining roof members have all been fitted and the roof is now ready for glazing. The left photo shows the roof from inside, and the steel post that you can see, remains from the original building. Each large structural rafter has two smaller intermediate rafters which gives a lighter feel and respects the original style.

The conservatory that is being replaced was a 1980?s softwood replacement of the original 19th century green house. The current replacement is made from hardwood and is a closer match to the original. At present, the work being done represents only the central section of what was once a much larger structure.

Arlington Court has started raising the money to extend this newly restored conservatory with wings on both sides so that it will truly replicate the original. The final building will be more than three times as wide as this first central section. If you look at the right hand picture, you can see the extra beam in the gable which is present to receive one side of the future extension.

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