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Arlington Court Conservatory Finished

18 February 2013

national trust conservatory Arlington Court

National Trust Conservatory Arlington Court

national trust conservatory inside with exotic plants

National Trust Conservatory Interior

The conservatory restoration at The National Trust property of Arlington Court (see earlier posts) has been finished for some time now, but the the weather has been so bad for so long that we have not managed to get any photos until now to show it off properly. The herons in the foreground (top left) each with an eel in its mouth are iconic symbols of Arlington Court. They appear on the main gates and elsewhere in the grounds.​

There is a similar heron of the same size on top of the conservatory which required careful preservation and re-positioning. It helps give a sense of scale to the rest of the building which is bigger than it looks in the pictures.

Above right is part of the interior which has already been planted up. You can see the heating units hanging from above to allow for over-wintering of the more exotic plants. but I now have to wait a few months for the garden to bloom before I can take the final final pictures I am imagining for this phase of the project.

national trust conservatory gable end

Right Hand Gable

national trust conservatory roof structure

Roof Structure

This morning was so beautiful that I escaped in the middle of a meeting, picked up the camera, jumped in the car and raced the 90 miles from the factory to make the most of day.This is only phase one of the restoration, which has been designed to allow for a further wing on either side. The final result will be a copy of the 19th century original and about three times the width of this section alone.

You can see in the picture (above left) how the side gable has been design to take the lean-to extension, which will drop down about 40cm from the central element. It is hoped that the next phase will be commissioned in two or three years time.

Below is the view of the garden from the steps at the front of the conservatory looking out across the gardens which are absolutely stunning even in February.

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