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5 Inspirational Orangery Kitchen Extensions

orangery kitchen extension design

Adding a new kitchen or creating space for a larger kitchen extension has been perhaps the most sought-after home improvement project of recent years. But the addition of an orangery kitchen extension has been something of a game-changer when it comes to creating a luxurious space for everyday use and enjoyment.

Posted under 'Photography' by Barney on Thursday, 10 June, 2021

Garden Rooms for Garden Living

Garden Room Designs

We’ve all been looking forward to a Summer spent seeing more of our friends and family, making the most of our homes and gardens from a more social perspective. With restrictions being relaxed and the country starting to open back up, the concept of garden living looks set to continue to grow as a trend.

Posted under 'Photography' by Barney on Thursday, 13 May, 2021

5 Inspirational Conservatory Design Ideas

bespoke conservatory interior

Ask anyone what image comes to mind when they think of the term ‘conservatory’ and many of us will still think of a 1980’s white uPVC style extension. Perhaps one that is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter? Thankfully, with the advances in modern glazing and building specifications, that analogy has long since become outdated.

Posted under 'Photography' by Barney on Thursday, 29 April, 2021

Oak Frame Garden Room Design Ideas

oak garden room kitchen extension

Perhaps the most significant driver of growth in the home improvement market over the past 12 months has been our collective desire to increase our living space at home. Whilst demand for premium quality, painted timber orangeries has continued to rise over this period, alongside this trend, discerning customers have also been turning to a more rustic look and adding an oak framed extension to their property.

Posted under 'Photography' by Barney on Thursday, 25 March, 2021

5 of the Best Orangery Living Room Designs

modern orangery living room

By now, we have certainly got used to the sanctity of our homes, even if pressure on living space has continued to be a factor during the latest of these national Lockdowns. Whilst we are clearly on the right trajectory with regard to the pandemic, the importance of our homes and living rooms will continue to be a priority going forward.

With that thought in mind, here’s our round up of 5 of the best orangery living room designs, to show you how to make the very most of your living space, were you to be considering extending your home.

Posted under 'Photography' by Barney on Friday, 5 March, 2021