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Planning new Orangery and Conservatory photo shoots

23 June 2017

This is one of our favourite times of year, as with the weather improving, it is the perfect opportunity for organising photo shoots with recently completed conservatories, orangeries and garden rooms.
Sifting through photographs of potential projects is not only satisfying to see how our own work has taken shape but, more importantly, we like to see the positive impact it has made on our customers’ lives.
The great thing about adding a conservatory or orangery to your home is that provides a stunning addition to your interior floor space but it also adds a visually appealing exterior to your home. We’re finding no let-up in demand for both our painted and oak conservatories and orangeries, with oak extensions becoming more important in terms of sales this year. Extending your home to increase the existing foot print continues to be particularly popular when adding a kitchen extension, for example.

Painted orangeries and conservatories remain in high demand

Creating stunning living spaces

Likewise, from a photographer’s perspective, there is the both the challenge and (hopefully!) exciting opportunity to shoot an interior and exterior on the same day, which presents different logistical issues in terms of lighting and so on.
It is worth underlining that we’re hugely protective of our customer’s privacy and data. Most customers love the chance to have the new part of their home professionally photographed – as we always provide them with a set of completed photographs and then there is possibility of this appearing in our advertising and magazines and so on. That said, we never disclose a customer’s name or address, so anonymity is assured.

Sales of oak extensions are increasing

Wooden flooring complements this oak extension

We’re looking forward to photographing a series of new projects over the Summer, with the first one taking place next week in Dorset. If you would like to have your recently completed David Salisbury conservatory or orangery considered for one of our 2017 photo shoots, contact us via our website.
We’ll be sharing updates on forthcoming photo shoots via our Blog – but if you want to see some larger scale photography of our work, it is best to request one of our brochures. Packed full of great examples of our conservatories and orangeries, we’re already thinking ahead to our next new brochure. Perhaps your home can be part of it too?

A stunning example of a professional photo shoot

Interiors are just as important as the exterior

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