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Meetings Made in Chelsea

16 November 2018

As much as we like being based down in Somerset in the Westcountry, we always enjoy our regular visits to our London Showroom at The Chelsea Gardener.

As a business offering a nationwide service, it obviously makes good sense to have a show site in London – but the opportunity to display both a traditional orangery and modern garden room is somewhat unique and thanks largely to the exclusive opportunities available to us at The Chelsea Gardener.

garden room bi-fold doors showroom chelsea gardener

Bi-fold doors at our garden room showroom

orangery showroom exterior London

Orangery ideal venue for meetings or events

Apart from this important showroom area, which is open 7 days a week, the beauty of a structure like a freestanding orangery or oak extension is the sheer versatility of the space created.

We increasingly use our orangery as a venue for meetings, whether with architects, designers, specifiers or, or course, customers. This week’s sales designers meeting saw us gather in our orangery before heading over to The Chelsea Courtyard, sister business to The Chelsea Gardener, for coffee, the main body of the meeting and a delicious lunch.

David Salisbury orangeries sales team meeting

Starting our meeting at The Chelsea Courtyard

David Salisbury orangeries garden rooms sales team meeting

Discussing latest orangeries design trends

Neatly positioned between two beautiful Victorian buildings, The Chelsea Courtyard provides a unique outdoor venue for delicious food and drinks, whilst the indoor café provides an ideal spot for a quiet coffee or indeed a formal business gathering.

Having enjoyed the hospitality earlier this week, we can now thoroughly recommend a visit! 

The Chelsea Courtyard cocktails

Delicious food and drinks

The Chelsea Courtyard outdoor venue

Unique surroundings for a light lunch

Why not combine a visit to our orangery and garden room showrooms, with a walk around the relaxed surroundings of The Chelsea Gardener? If you haven’t already, pick up a copy of our brand new brochure from our orangery or request one in advance here.

When you’re done, take a moment for a light lunch or a refreshing cocktail at The Chelsea Courtyard – the perfect place to relax and revive.   

David Salisbury orangery showroom exterior

Collect our new brochure from our orangery

Orangery centrepiece of The Chelsea Gardener

Orangery is centrepiece of The Chelsea Gardener

Sounds like a good time to start to think about your new orangery or conservatory. Reading David Salisbury’s new brochure, drink in hand in a welcoming environment….

Hope to see you there!

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