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Loving our Garden...Rooms

14 June 2018

There's something quintessentially English about tending to and spending time in our gardens.  Recent events like the Chelsea Flower Show and the warmer temperatures we have enjoyed in the past couple of weeks have obviously helped bring this more into context.

Whilst the ever-changing colours and natural textures of our gardens are assured, sadly the weather in this country is not such a given. 

One of the best ways to enjoy our gardens all year round is via a quality timber garden room, built by a reputable manufacturer like David Salisbury

Painted wooden garden room

Garden room brings you closer to the outdoors

Award-winning garden rooms and orangeries

One of our most popular garden room designs

Whether a freestanding structure or a building extension attached to a 'host' property, like the examples shown in these photos here, a modern designed garden room can be used and enjoyed no matter the vagaries of the weather.

David Salisbury has been designing and manufacturing our award-winning orangeries, conservatories and oak framed buildings for well over 30 years now.  Whilst the distinction between an orangery and a conservatory is fairly clear (it essentially relates to the type of roof material and volume of glazing – why not read our Blog on this particular subject?), the definition of a garden room is a little looser. 

Bespoke design garden room

Garden room usually has a solid roof

Garden room with French Doors

French Doors provide easy access to the garden

As the leader at the quality end of the market, we define our gardens rooms as typically being built with a traditional solid roof. 

A garden room can be designed and specified for a number of reasons.  It might be that a customer would like to sit in their stand-alone structure and take in the panorama of their home and their garden.  Whilst it is not only about great views whilst, it might be about providing easy and convenient access to the garden.

Double garden room design painted timber

Double garden room design for London property

Garden room for modern kitchen extension

Providing space for modern kitchen extension

Whatever the case, we design these structures on a bespoke basis with the same ethos: for you to enjoy them.  If you like contemporary design, why not visit our showroom in Chelsea, where we have a modern, freestanding garden room on display?

Modern Garden Room on display at Chelsea showroom

Providing space for modern kitchen extension

Minimalist interiors in our Chelsea garden room showroom

Minimalist interiors in our garden room showroom

So if you're looking to get more of a feeling of indoor/outdoor living, all year round, why not start by ordering our brochure

We can't send you some nice weather but we can certainly inspire you with some beautiful photography and you'll see why we love our garden....rooms!

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