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A Good Year

7 January 2013

As with many companies, the end of the calendar year is the end of the financial year and we can assess the progress we have made in the last twelve months. Of course we had a very good idea how it was going to turn out some weeks ago, but it is still satisfying to sit back and look at a very good set of results.

We know that the market has been tough and that many of our competitors are losing money, so it is all the more satisfying to know just what a turn around we have achieved since the depths of the financial crisis some four years ago, when for a few months it looked like we might not survive. In summary, new orders of Conservatories and Orangeries were up by 14% in the year to surpass the previous peak in 2007. Turnover is back to pre-recession levels and net profit is up by over 300% to deliver the second best ever year by that measure.

Those are the headlines but there have been other encouraging landmarks along the way. After several years of caution we have again started to invest in new equipment and also in our workforce. In the spring we were able to raise wages across the board and several new staff members have been appointed in recent months. This will help improve our service and give us more capacity to further develop our products. In addition, by acquiring Oakminster earlier in the year, we established a presence on the ground across the whole country for the first time.

I am therefore happy to report that we go into 2013 on a sound financial footing, with full order book and a strong team and I would like to thank our employees for all their hard work and support in the last twelve months. We have every reason to look forward to another good year ahead.

Posted under 'Company' by David on 7 January 2013

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