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Exciting Times

10 August 2013

We have finally passed the previous peak of sales in 2007 with strong growth this year, giving us the confidence we need for further investment in the future. The current revival of the housing market and construction industry also provides us with additional reasons to believe that the growth will continue.

On top of the substantial investment in Solar Power made earlier in the year, we have this week committed to further investment more directly in the growth of the business, with the intention of doubling our size in the next four years. It has become increasingly clear that we have outgrown our existing computer system with the number of users passing 85 so we have placed an order for new server equipment and network infrastructure to be installed in September.

The David Salisbury Website, which has done sterling service over the last four years has become increasingly dated and is not fit for purpose on tablets and mobile devices which now account for more than 30% of the traffic. In addition in the daily battle for search engine position, it is clear that the amateur approach no longer quite cuts the mustard. We have therefore appointed a web design company to produce the next version of the site which should be live before December.

Another area that clearly needs a lift is our advertising  and we have appointed McCann Erikson to be our new marketing company to take the David Salisbury Brand to the next level. They will produce a new suite of adverts for next year and advise us on how to best spend our budget, both in print and online.

We are actively looking at further major investment in equipment and manufacturing software to maintain the technological lead that we have held since 2003.

As you can see - interesting times ahead.

Posted under 'Company' by David on 10 August 2013

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