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Everyone Gets an Early Night

13 September 2012

This afternoon we were surprised by 6 police cars arriving in the road outside and an instruction to clear a radius of 50 yards from a skip located on neighbouring premises. Apparently an “explosive device” had been discovered. This affected part of our car park but no great disruption otherwise. Five minutes later the exclusion radius became 100 yards and the circle cut through part of our factory.

While we debated somewhat bemusedly if they really meant it?? The instruction came back that it was now 200 yards and a hand grenade had been found surrounded by gas bottles. Finally we realised we had better move! A sweep through the factory and offices and we quickly cleared the building, but nothing too bad can have happened so far or I couldn’t be sitting here at home still connected to the on-site server.

Let's hope its sorted by tomorrow, or it turns out to be a hoax.

Posted under 'Company' by David on 13 September 2012

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