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Wettest Year Ever

29 December 2012

I took this picture yesterday from the top of a rise no more than half a mile from my house. That was before another downpour last night, but I am not venturing out yet to have look. I have lived in this house for 30 years and have never seen anything like it before. You might think what you are looking at is snow, but it really is standing water almost as far as the eye can see right across to the Quantock hills. Along with many people in this (and other) parts of the country, we keep breaking records.

There have been several days when some of our staff have been unable to get to work, and one not able to get home by any route at all. I myself spent an hour one morning rodding out drains to prevent the floods coming into our property. However, despite the worry, inconvenience and economic cost, I can’t avoid stopping to admire the beauty that shines out every time the rain stops and the sun breaks through.

The Somerset Levels are perhaps an acquired taste, but the view is never the same. between the Mendip Hills and the Quantocks with Glastonbury Tor looking down from every direction. The Tor in this shot is seen across more of the flood water, and is taken very close to the other shot at the top of this entry. You can also see the pylon lines which march across this part of the levels out to Hinkley Point power station.

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