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20 January 2013

snowy style in somerset

Snowy style in Somerset

snow down the lane

Snow down the lane

Snow is rare in this area and we make a big deal of it when it comes. Those of you who live in the north or even the east of the country would wonder about the consternation a few inches of snow can causes. People in our northern office can’t believe the fuss we make as of course they get it every year – and worse.Because it’s relatively rare, I can’t resist going out with the camera.

In recent times there has been more frequent snow and the sledge now has made on an outing with the grandchildren. Conservatories in the snow would have been abandoned a few years ago but today, with better insulation, many are used all year round. You can tell that the insulation is so much better because the snow is still there on the roof three days later.

We were lucky not to lose too much production to the bad weather. Although one or two people who live up steep lanes were unable to get to work, most succeeded and little time was lost. Unless climate change is responsible, it will probably be another 3 – 5 years before this happens again.

The mounds are where the snow has covered the anthills in a field nearby and look like they are from another planet. As I say, we have very little snow here and many years pass with none. Some twenty year s ago we had a fall of snow and I rushed to make a sledge for my children one evening before going home from the workshop which we had at that time. I proudly presented it that evening, but by the next day the snow had gone. It was then another five years before we had enough snow to use it.

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