Guy Sparey

Photo of Guy Sparey

Guy joined David Salisbury in 2016 in a new position, heading up the 3D CAD team.  He quickly developed a good understanding of client expectations, where his previous knowledge of building was vital in guiding the right design outcomes.
Graduating as an Architect in 1997, Guy developed his career predominately in the domestic market. Running his own architectural practice for ten years, he appreciates that every client is an individual and every building completely unique. The change in peoples’ lifestyles and the demands for adaptable living spaces continue to ensure his academic training is constantly put to use.
Whilst conceptualising and developing beautiful designs, Guy is able to offer clear guidance on legislative issues right from the first complimentary consultation. This clear professional approach will enable his clients to move towards a dream building at the earliest opportunity. Whether its planning policy, building regulations or building costs, Guy will quickly be able to direct the client in the most favourable direction and always with an eye on the budget.
Guy has a personal interest in conservation buildings and in 2017 he attended the RIBA accredited building conservation course, thus assuring his continued professional accreditation. Having spent time living and developing a grade II Listed Building, Guy has a strong understanding of the practical techniques and heritage design solutions required.