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Conservatory Competition Winners.

These are the winners as judged by Oliver Heath, together with the judges comments on each scheme:


FIRST PRIZE - The Future of the Conservatory - James Furzer

James's modular conservatory proposal is an intelligent well thought out scheme; it offers a flexible adaptable system that will suit a variety of property styles, over a mixed period of time, in a retail offer that the consumer is familiar with.

The spaces it creates will offer a variety of lifestyle options from glazed interior spaces to shade and covered exterior spaces. It connects inside and out, thus allowing homeowners to make the most of their homes and gardens with the unpredictable British weather in mind. From the perspective of comfort levels, this scheme shows an understanding of the impact of thermal performance and how both heat loss and heat gain can alter the way a conservatory is used.

The construction system is simple and straightforward, reducing impact on installation and reduced costs, making DIY installation a possibility.

Overall James' proposal takes a multi-stranded approach to creating an exciting, modern yet viable vision of the future conservatory


SECOND PRIZE - Collectiv' Eau - Kiriakos Polizogopoulos

Collective Eau is an intriguing and holistic scheme that offers an enticing view of developing the homeowner's connection with nature. It envisages different usages throughout the year from swimming in the summer to ice skating in the winter. It is in effect a mini biosphere or human terrarium.

The scheme is thoughtfully detailed to allow for water collection and air flow through the structure. Whilst it allows for a variety of ground conditions and planting opportunities increasing its delight in use.


Kiriakos has created an impressive set of presentation drawings that demonstrate a keen eye for detail and a wonderful ability to describe the poetic nature of his scheme.

The scheme is however somewhat inflexible in scale and opportunity for connection with the British Home, requiring planning permissions due to its height and potentially size.


 RUNNER UP - Simple Elegant Refined Conservatory - Jacob Thompson

Jacobs simple, elegant conservatory is just that - good simple ideas, rooted in cost of construction and human comfort. The scheme has well described with great drawings and sense of context.

The conservatory's shape and form reflects the traditional double pitch vernacular familiar to much British domestic architecture, so may well convince people of adding a modern conservatory that is not too outlandish. And perhaps that is its only downfall that I would have liked to have seen this design pushing just a few more boundaries.

Jacob shows a good of level of detailed thinking with the concealed the downpipe and a consideration of solar gains and losses. I imagine this would be a stylish comfortable and beautiful space to enjoy. It is well considered and realistically put together, so would inevitably be very popular.


 RUNNER UP - Ameliorate - Aaron Mark Loomans

Aaron's Ameliorate conservatory is a really bold vision of the future conservatory - rich in spectacle and a delight for the senses.

I enjoyed the multiple aspirations toward a space that can calm the user mentally and physically, whilst considering the well being of the plants themselves I love the use of multi tiered shelving to create walls of plants, which helps to make this scheme poetic, sensual, elegantly considered and yet practical space.

Aaron's scheme is very well presented, with good clear drawings; elevations, plans and perspectives, which make this project easy to understand and enjoy.

On the negative side Ameliorate is big, bold and unconventional which will always be polarizing. There may well be glazing issues with all those curved surfaces and structural loading issues onto the ground.