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Factory Filming Fun!

10 January 2020

As part of a wider brief to shoot more video content this year, we had a very enjoyable day filming in our orangeries and timber windows factory here in Somerset earlier this week with the team from OLCO Studios.  

Whilst we have invested heavily in machinery over our history and have some exciting new machinery investments to come on steam later this year, the excellence of our factory and its output ultimately comes down to our team.

David Salisbury Orangeries Factory Video

Capturing video of our team in action

David Salisbury Bespoke Orangeries Factory Video

Filming every part of our manufacturing process

So while much of the video that we captured was of our product being physically manufactured, the processes and machinery, we took quite a number of still photographs of our team going about their work.

From the very front end, loading raw timber into the mill, to start the initial machining processes, our people drive our manufacturing with a combination of an exceptional level of skill along with commitment to completing a unique product – the quality of which has seen David Salisbury win multiple awards over the years.

David Salisbury Bespoke Timber Orangeries video

Selecting the finest quality timber

David Salisbury Bespoke Timber Orangeries factory video

Machining timber at the start of the process

Spending the day in the factory, so as to be able to shoot both manufacturing shifts, really gave a feel for the state-of-the-art joinery business that David Salisbury is. Indeed, we offer prospective customers the opportunity to come down and visit and have a tour of our factory. This is one of many steps – with video adding to this – in telling our story, so potential new customers can fully understand everything they are buying into.

Much of our manufacturing is now automated and driven by computer process (an area known as Computer-Aided Manufacturing or CAM for short) but there is still plenty of scope for hand production as well.

Bespoke Timber Orangeries factory photography

Attention to detail every step of the way

Bespoke Timber Windows factory photography

Carefully fitting Gothic fenestration bars

It was fascinating to watch the attention to detail and dedication in fitting Gothic fenestration bars to a window (shown here in the photo above right), something that provides a distinctive, traditional look. Same for fitting items of hardware such as hinges or handles.

Just as interesting was observing the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine operators, supervising the running of these highly advanced machines that see the vast majority of our manufacturing output pass through.

Bespoke Timber Orangeries factory CNC

One of our vastly experienced CNC operators

Bespoke Timber Orangeries factory sanding

Highly skilled team making a unique product

As we moved through to our Finishing and Despatch departments, as with every part of the factory, perhaps the best part of the day was observing the interaction between the team – something that the video content will best illustrate but these photos certainly capture.

Bespoke Timber Orangeries design details

Rounded off with beautiful design details

Bespoke Timber Orangeries finishing details

Preparing another job in the paint shop

Whilst there might have been a fun element to the filming, being able to record a highly successful factory with a significant volume of work and a busy team was the main benefit and outcome from the day. With hugely positive sales during November and December 2019 and a substantial order book, the David Salisbury factory is certainly set for another very busy year.  



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