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Painted Orangery with Bi-fold doors in the Cotswolds

This painted orangery with bi-fold doors in the heart of the Cotswolds truly transformed this customer’s home and, as a result, their enjoyment of both their house and garden. 

Designed by Simon Phipps, one of David Salisbury’s most successful and experienced sales designers, this is typical of the type of sympathetic and complementary designs for which Simon excels.

This Cotswold Stone house had an existing timber conservatory (shown in the slide show above) which did not make effective use of the internal space and was compounded by creating a poor link up with the patio and garden. The conservatory also had the common problem (amongst older, lesser quality conservatories) of being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

The new David Salisbury orangery made best use of the available space by being square in shape.  Typically this isn't an ideal footprint for an orangery but by lifting the pyramid lantern roof on small clerestory windows, this enabled the inclusion of thermostatically controlled roof windows and pilasters which sit forward of the building to frame the bi-fold doors and thereby break up the square shape.  

The twin sets of bi-fold doors, with glazing detail in keeping with the adjacent windows and doors, open the room up completely to the surrounding garden to create an entertaining space which flows from inside to out.

The thermal performance of the orangery along with solar reflective glass in the lantern roof and adequate ventilation mean that the space can form a part of the house which is useable all year round.

The green paint finish on the outside complements the surrounding Cotswold stone perfectly and by opting for a lighter shade inside, the room stays bright and airy.

Finished off with a pale coloured stone floor and some beautifully contemporary furniture, including a pair of sofas in a light grey fabric, this orangery combines the best of today’s modern living with elements of traditional design. The ideal mix for the Cotswolds!

Painted Orangery, Cotswolds

Designed by: Simon Phipps

Orangery made best use of space by being square in shape