Oak Orangeries

Stunning Oak Orangeries

In addition to the hardwood Orangery we have been making for 10 years, David Salisbury now offers orangeries built with heavy oak beams, combining the distinctive beauty of seasoned oak with the technical design and innovation developed over 29 years. This ongoing commitment to development has allowed us to leap frog the competition and make an Oak framed orangery that has all the technical benefits associated with the David Salisbury  brand.

The constraints imposed by the roofing material on a pitched roof restrict its size as, if it is too wide, the roof would interfere with the first floor windows. By using the orangery concept with a Mansard roof, as shown here, the height problem is solved. The Orangery has one or more glazed lanterns and provides a good compromise, giving a thermally efficient building and wonderful natural lighting

For more information, or to request a brochure on oak orangeries and other oak framed buildings, please visit the County Oak website. County Oak is wholly owned by David Salisbury and as a brand is used to market our Oak products.

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